About plaimi

plaimi are a research software development company based in Norway.

plaimi spiritually launched when Alexander and Stian met at Høgskolen i Gjøvik during Autumn, 2010. A more formal launch happened during Autumn, 2011. This included registering this domain, setting up infrastructure, and commencing work on our first project that was publicly released (and publicly developed).

Our first project was a computer game. Since then we have worked on many different things, all of which have been related to either games, e-learning, or both. plaimi are experienced in research and development, both as separate activities and as complementary activities.

We are commited to free software and copyleft. We are opposed to academic paywalls, patents, and other anti-social activites, that makes information difficult to obtain and share. All our research is freely available under a copyleft licence, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike.

plaimi became a registered joint-stock company under the Cerpus group in January 2014.

Early 2015 we were joined by Olle, who briefly worked as a full-time employee, and has stayed on as a non-employed member since.

Emil joined us mid-2015 for a summer job, and has stayed on part-time since then.